Photo Shoot.

From time to time I am approached to style a photo shoot. This is one of my favourite things to do. It is my bliss.
This was one of those times… However this time I had only two short days notice and I had a bad case of the mean reds. So I nearly said no. Well actually, I did say no… Then I changed my mind. I really wanted to work with the people involved and I couldn’t turn down a days work on my bliss. Why would I say no to that? Madness. Plus, the photographer sent me a look book of inspiration and while I really liked the direction he was headed, one in particular featuring kohl eyeliner inspired me. So I said yes! (with enthusiasm)

I turn up on the day of the shoot with suitcases full of fabulous. Sourced from some awesome stores, and some vintage selections from my private collection of taonga.

I bring along some baking that my Mum made: tan square and lots of it. (No one ever remembers to bring food on these shoots, and as fulfilling as it is, you can’t survive on a diet of fashion alone…!!) so along with the tan square, I kept us stocked with water, tunes from my iPod and laughs.

I can’t share the shots yet as they are still being finalised, but I can show you a behind the scenes sneak peek at the final shot of the day:


I moustache you a question…

It is tres fabulous no?
Needless to say but by the end of the day, my mean reds were gone. You can’t stay in a bad mood with a faux  &  demon-esq brows drawn on your face in kohl. It’s impossible. Do try it.

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