Harpers Bazaar Emoji joy

New York Fashion week is on right now! I can almost hear the air kisses from the other side of the world. The genius team at Harpers Bazaar have gifted to the world some snappy fash-mag-hag worthy emoji to brighten up social media land because seriously, why type a whole word with fresh from the salon nails when a cute emoji will do nicely?

How excited am I to be able to include the cartoon likeness of Choupette in my musings? Oh happy day. I do follow this famous feline on Twitter so it is a natural modern-day evolution in our relationship to include hi in my conversations. And nothing spells out the inner workings of my crazed imagination better than a cartoon homage to Linda Evangelista’s Sept 1992 Bazaar cover (shot by Patrick Demarchelier).

Don’t say it with words, say it with Linda, the Olsen Twins, or a glass of champagne….

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.01.12 PM

Champagne darling!

Champagne darling!


I’m seeing double!

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