Road Trip to Taupo

I must be insane. I suggested another road trip on the bike. This time to Taupo. A short five hours away.

The excuse: a summer concert featuring 3 legends of rock: 10CC, Starship and Lynard Skynard.

I did love me some Starship in the 80’s… Because nothing’s gonna stop us now, and We built this city on rock and roll! (Or as infamously written on We built this city on the wrong damn road)

If you are not sure if you have heard of Lynard Skynard (awkward) you may be familiar with popular ditty: Sweet Home Alabama.

10CC reminded the crowd of The things we do for love and Dreadlock Holiday bought the whole crowd to their feet… Dancing in the rain with a few thousand other happy folk in the middle of the day is my new measure of a good time.


Taupo Summer Concert



It may have rained a little bit.


Moi in my chic poncho


The sun was the surprise guest artist at the concert



Lynard Skynard rock out

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