Just Juicing.

When we came back from our Adventure of a lifetime holiday extravaganza (yes it gets bigger each time I mention it!) we did a 3 day juice fast. Now we are hooked on juicing and have included a juice almost everyday.

I am drinking foods (namely fruit and vegetables) that I would never normally eat and feeling better for it.
After the 3 day juice fast I did not experience the juice high that some juicing enthusiasts talk about but I did receive many compliments about my skin all at once – literally within a couple of days, so that was no kwinky-dink. That was juicing.

Beetroot is my new bff and Husband & I are devouring celery, cucumber and a disturbing amount of fruits and veg that we actually like.
The worms in the worm farm are benefitting from all the leftover pulp to the point that I think there has been a population explosion.

Day two of my juice fast was hell. I had headaches on my headaches… Apparently that was me withdrawing from the bad stuff I like to eat – namely salt and sugar. Day three I felt a whole lot better which was a massive relief.
I was never hungry. Not once. I missed chewing. Masticating. Gnashing, grinding, tearing and ripping my food. Who knew that was such a large part if the enjoyment of eating?

When I did return to eating solids I chewed much longer and much much slower than pre juice fast. Feeling the solid food traveling down my throat, into my esophagus and down into my stomach was a very unpleasant feeling and quite put me off my food for about a day.

I have a teeny touch of a sweet tooth so naturally I love juicing with pineapple, apples, carrots, mint and anything tropical. Ginger is a zinger of an addition to a bland juice as is parsley or a tiny touch of mint. It is amazing the amount of flavour you can get out of a few leaves with a masticating juicer.
We bought the Oskar juicer from Common Sense Organics and it is easy to use and simple & straightforward to clean and to reassemble (amen to that).
I am a new juicing convert. Don’t be afraid, I am not looking to recruit new juicers or to proclaim juicing as the new black, the best thing since sliced bread or make outrageous claims about losing weight, anti aging or cure-alls.
Juicing is just yummy. I like yummy. Plus the colours are pretty.
Do it for the colours!

Don’t you think?





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