Haast Pass

After a long ride of 380 ks with an accidental detour that added 40 ks when ‘Emma’ our co-pilot live device tried to take us down a short cut over a gravel road (I don’t think so Emma!) we crossed the Haast Pass across to the West Coast.
The Haast Pass reminds me of the Rimutaka ranges that divide Wellington from the Wairarapa, except you can cross them in 20 – 45 minutes – but the Haast Pass takes 5 hours from Wanaka to Franz Josef, Mountainous terrain, steep cliffs, sheer drops.
The stunning parts of scenery for me were the magnificent tall trees (southern beech?) growing right next to the road, the waterfalls and the occasional slips on the road. There has been a huge slip that is being cleared and means that the road is closed at night.
The road has great twisty & windy sections and was mostly smooth until we got across to the western side where the weather has taken its toll. The many slips have caused the road to be patched on most corners and the repairs made the road bumpy and uneven.
We made a quick stop at Fantail Falls, a beautiful spot at a bend in the river with picturesque waterfalls and lovely native New Zealand rainforest all around.
We kept going straight through to make it a nonstop ride to Franz Josef.

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