The last day of 2013.

Today we pack up our gear and jump back on the bike heading to Franz Joseph & Fox Glaciers. But not before a quick sightseeing drive to Clyde and a quick blast around the racetrack track at Highlands Motorsport park.

I love clothes. Everyone who knows me, knows this. It has been difficult for my friends to comprehend the fact that I am touring for 2 weeks on the back of a motorcycle with little more than a vanity-case sized box of luggage. It sounds like mission impossible.
Over the years working as a stylist and helping others to pack light & look good I have mastered the art of packing pretty lean. There is a wonderful saying about travelling with suitcases which is this: “there are two types of luggage, carry on and lost.” So I prefer to carry on where I can. The carry on allowance is about 45 litres – the side case on the motorbike is 35 so there is not that much difference. Once you have the key to lean packing you never look back. I don’t always do it mind you. But when I do – I do it well.
Here is a behind the scenes look at my wardrobe for this Adventure of a Lifetime, 2 weeks touring the South Island on a motorcycle visiting locations as diverse as sub-tropical rainforest, fiords, plains, lakeside plus glaciers and doing weird and wonderful things like: wine tours, fishing, visiting fine restaurants, boating, sunbathing, hot pool soaking.
Mission accomplished.




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