Holy wow! We took the bike to Milford yesterday. We were lucky to have been advised ahead of time that the biggest attraction of Milford Sound is the journey to get there. This advice was 100% spot on. We headed out at 9am to beat the bus loads of tourists and armed with a map of attractions we made the most of the many scenic stops along the way.
The road is a motorcyclists wet dream! The views are spectacular and the entire trip to get to Milford is a metaphor for life: enjoy the journey.
Highlights (I only have time to quickly mention the highlights now as we are about to be picked up for an overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound) were – the Mirror lakes, seeing a kea in the carpark at the Chasm. The fields of lupin, the sudden changes in scenery on the road itself (one minute in wide open valleys, the next shrouded in a cathedral-like canopy of native trees) and seeing Mitre Peak for the first time.
There is so much more to share about what we did on this day: glow worm caves & a delicious dinner out but the will have to wait.
So enjoy the highlights while we are out of cellphone coverage and I’ll check in in a couple of days.
Will post more photo later – our ride is here! See ya!



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