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Today we travelled between Wanaka and Te Anau. A distance of two hundred and twenty seven kilometers.
After the lovely winding lakeside ride, the road heading south was straight as an arrow at times. (With two sneaky police cars tucked away out of sight.) There seemed to be an almighty powerful headwind. It took enormous amounts of energy to keep my head up. My neck was getting very tired. I tried to tuck in behind Husband but that bought little relief. It wasn’t until we took a sharp right turn that we met no wind resistance and my muscles all collectively relaxed again. The difference was immense and riding became enjoyable again. Te Anau is very very nice, we had delicious Italian for dinner and according to the owner Husband is lucky to have me and we got limoncello on the house to emphasize this point. (Not the first time this has happened ;-))
Our accommodation in Te Anau: Dock Bay Lodge is stunning! Our room smells of sweet peas (not mahogany) and the enormous views from our second story room stretch out across the lake. We are listening to the birdsong at dusk, have played with Colin the dog and watched a welcome swallow swoop into her nest. Next on the menu is a soak in the spa. Happy Boxing Day to you and yours!

Here is a taste of what we saw on our travels today: 20131226-214934.jpg




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