Visions of Fashion. 

Art makes me teary. I’ve cried during extraordinary dance performances, in palaces and in front of monuments. I’ve cried at the concerts of living legends (Celine Dion and Prince – that was you) and I’ve cried in nature. 

Tears are my litmus test for art. Defined for me by moments in my life that have touched my heart. Squeezed it so quickly and so firmly that my eyes leak pure concentrated joy. 

Most recently it happened in the Palazzo Pitti, specifically in the Galleria Palatina (a room so stunningly beautiful as to make you grateful to have eyes that see). My eyes leaked because the room is currently hosting an exhibition of the photographs of Karl Lagerfeld. 

Each photo is printed onto meters of transparent fabric that is suspended from the ceiling. As you move throughout the room the images sway to and fro. They are majestic and reverential. Chandeliers the size of mini coopers punctuate the room.

I want to lie down on the floor and stay in this room forever. I resist the urge. It’s not possible. 

Karl and Karl…

I see you Cate Blanchett…

Chandeliers add an otherworldly effect through the fabric…

Modern art meets the masters with more Lagerfeld photos placed throughout the palace…

Sunglasses are always in vogue…

Diamonds & pearls…Chanel artifacts within the costume exhibit. 

Classic enduring Chanel. 

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