Sunset and the City. 

Sunset and the city of Firenze. 

I promise the hike up to Piazzale Michelangelo is worth every butt aching step. 

As soon as I arrived in Florence I wanted to see the city from above, to get perspective and depth. Piazzale Michelangelo gives you this. Go at sunset for bonus romantic mood enhancing lighting. 

Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) is a medieval stone enclosed arch bridge over the Arno river. Beautiful to view from afar, and Wonderful to traverse if like me you a) like to browse in stores, and b) enjoy history and historical monuments. 

The Arno river flows through Italy out to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Each day I saw it on my stay in Florence it had a different character. Still and smooth, swift and textured. It is described as an irregular river because it’s flow changes so much, naturally this gives it considerable beauty: 

Special mention must go to the clouds of Florence who have put on a beautiful display in my few days here. Fluffy, wispy, golden, ethereal and menacing (sometimes) – never ever boring. 


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