Today was the perfect day. We stopped at a town that has a whole street filled with ‘antique malls’.
Antique malls are huge warehouse type spaces filled with hundreds of little booths run by various different sellers. Its all under the one roof and manned by the one checkout. It is a vintage store browsers idea of heaven.
These malls are massive and overwhelmingly awesome.
Their visual merchandising is of a super high standard – it’s a joy just being there seeing it all in its vintage glory!





I wish I could bring much much more home with me.
The glassware (milk glass, carnival glass etc.. Is just incredible)
Alas breakables are a terrible idea when travelling.

I found two simple unbreakable (not small – whoops) pieces to drag across the globe.
A silver candelabra and a pewter footed bowl. They should survive the flights home.

I left so much behind. Not sure I could have made room on my flight for wagon wheels, park benches, and massive tin street signs.

There was a whole vintage christmas stall that I wanted to stuff in my duffel bag. Squee!





This is the only bear I saw on the trip that would stay still long enough for a silly selfie! Gotcha!

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