High End Magazine

Today I worked with Tourism New Zealand on a media famil. High End magazine are in New Zealand for iD Dunedin Fashion Week and they are enjoying a stop over in Wellington before they fly to Dunedin.

I am the lucky stylist who gets to take them on a shopping tour to give them a taste of New Zealand and Wellington fashion.

We visited the gorgeous boutiques of the usual NZ designer suspects paying special attention to Zambesi and World due to their relevance to ID Dunedin. The Crane Brothers visit taught me a thing or two about merino wool suiting, so soft it should be illegal!
An interview with the talented designer and Jeweller Alison Blain was a highlight of the tour, hearing about her couture gowns, her longevity in the industry and why she loves working in Wellington. I quietly coveted her huge raw aqua marine ring and fell love with a few other items on the tour. Practical and pretty silver fern socks at Zambesi, torn jeans at Karen Walker, the softest leather bags & the cutest swan knit sweaters at Andrea Moore.

We visited Wellington jeweler Tory & Ko who I love for their feminine vintage aesthetic.
I took great pains to warn both the Tourism NZ rep and the journalist how cold it can get in Dunedin at night and left them at the end of our tour buying merino. I know they won’t regret this purchase because as well as being the longest catwalk in the Southern Hemisphere at 120 meters I’d hazard a guess that because it is outside at night, that it is also the coldest.






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