Heading home.

This morning is the beginning of the very last day of our motorcycle adventure of a lifetime. We woke up to a stunning day after a deluge during the night. The view from our accommodation was camera worthy and I took full advantage. After a cooked breakfast of bacon & eggs I gave Molly the Jack Russell a pat & hugged our hosts goodbye and we set off for the Motueka Market.
Like the Nelson Market but smaller. The Mot Market was full of happy holidaying people and locals buying freshly picked fruit, oils, jams, clothing, fresh fish, bric-a-brac and garlic, juices and scythes. There was a very long line for the wood fired pizza. It must be a favourite. We walked around the market in our full motorcycle gears including helmets with our intercoms still in use so we were able to talk to each other even when we were at different stalls. This was fun. Also the little children thought we were quite interesting to look at, I could overhear them exclaiming to their Mum – “look at that funny looking man.” I think it was the motorcycle gears….
Getting back on the bike we took the scenic route to Nelson, (we didn’t stop) then the even more scenic route to Picton.
The road over the hills and through the sounds became more and more picturesque the deeper into the sounds we rode.
We had lots of fun on this road with a few corners in quick succession which gave me a slalom impression on the back. I loved it. We saw the highest number of touring motorcycle couples we had seen all trip and our waving became more & more elaborate with each new bike we saw.
Picton came into view all too soon and now we sit outside a cafe enjoying a view of London Quay and High Street looking out into the Sounds as we wait to board our ship for the journey home. 20140105-155409.jpg








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