Farewell Spit.


Today we jumped on the bike and took a ride to Takaka to visit friends who are staying at a B&B there. They had a stunning location looking out over an inlet with a wrap around deck that was lined in flaxes in full bloom. The tui were having a field day.
We sat down with our friends to a mouthwatering brunch of fresh whitebait fritters. Three words: a-may-sing.
After lunch we went for a drive to Farewell Spit to do a short 50 minute walk to the lighthouse with views out to the spit.
Next we drove to the northern most spot of the South Island with views out to sea of a seal colony and a huge hole in the rocks. We climbed the hills to a grassy spot out of the wind and ate whitebait sandwiches. i just happened to have a block of Whittakers L&P chocolate in my bag that i shared with everyone for dessert. Next stop was the Farewell Spit cafe for a cup of tea and some coffees. a bellbird treated us to a visit on the deck as we sat and watched the tide go out.
For dinner we were lucky to grab one of very few spare tables at Toad Hall. I ordered the BBQ Pork Burger and the pork was melt-in-your-mouth amazing.
What a way to end our adventure of a lifetime. Now we are snug and warm in the ‘media’ room of our accommodation watching a movie with popcorn, red wine, chocolate, crackers and cheese.
Feeling lucky.







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