Eyebrows for a corpse.

The second installment in my ongoing series ‘What the?’ Is a real treat.
Now I am the first to slap on a false moustache if the moment calls for it. I recall wearing one for Christmas day a couple of years ago (our family photos are priceless!) it was a special moment. I even had a box of Emergency moustaches on my desk. So you can tell that moustaches and I are pretty close and therefor it stands to reason that I don’t mind sticking bits of hair or fluff to my face when I need to. What I find the most perplexing about these ‘beauties’ is that they are eyebrows. You must see these for yourself:

I don’t know the last time I saw a corpse with highlighter pink eyebrows. Maybe I haven’t seen the right corpses. Or a fox with double-rainbow eyebrows. Is this real life? You decide.


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