I’m on a boat.

Today is the beginning of our Adventure of a Lifetime. Summer Holiday Circa 2013/14. It began early. At 12:15am to be precise when my old nemesis the alarm insisted that we abruptly end our slumber and get out of bed. Our Bluebridge Ferry sailing is at 2:30am. It is my birthday. I hate mornings. Husband left his cellphone at home. Hopefully that is the only disaster on the trip.
Our early morning ride to the ferry was long enough to remind me of the joys of motorcycling. The exposure to the elements, feeling where the wind can penetrate your gear, smelling the freshly cut pine tree logs on the air as you ride alongside the port, feeling the persistent rub of the knee protection irritating and constant. Recalling a spot inside my helmet that after hours of constant wear creates a dull ache on the crown of my head. I haven’t worn my gear for about a year (if not longer) and getting acquainted with its idiosyncrasies is a part of the journey. It will soften and I will adjust. I have packed what I think is a fantastic travelling wardrobe into the equivalent of a teeny tiny bathroom cupboard sized top box or pannier. Smaller than a carry on suitcase. It really is a Christmas miracle that I could close the thing. And yes there is a pair of high heels. (It is my Birthday Festival after all).
Husband and I have settled into our seats, the bike is tied down and affixed to the deck of the boat. Dwarfed by the massive truck parked up hard against it.

Leg one of our AoaL is about to begin. See you soon South Island.




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