Birthday Festival.

My birthday falls one day before the all important birthday of Jesus. You might have heard of him. I love having a birthday in summer however it does get somewhat overshadowed by Jesus and his birthday celebrations. It has only been recently as an adult that I have even bothered to have a party because friends are busy or away already. This party has now progressed into a week long celebration known as ‘Birthday Festival’ . This year I was blessed by the beard of Zeus because the opening of Anchorman 2 was kindly held during my Birthday Festival. A few of us got dressed up as our fave characters and made a night of it. (Any excuse to dress up and act the fool!) We loved every minute of the dress-ups (I was rapt to be wearing a vintage Dian Von Furstenberg wrap dress and original 70’s knee high boots) at the movie. I loved the humor & the wisecracks as always but I don’t think I’ll ever feel quite the same about Olivia Newton John’s hymen. Meanwhile it is late and I am wrapping Christmas presents and packing for a weekend of birthday festival activities ahead of the AoaL on the motorcycle! Gotta go!



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