Stay Classy Naenae.

I have whipped myself into a packing and cleaning frenzy as I pack for my South Island motorcycle Adventure of a Lifetime ( AoaL). Somehow the packing morphed into a massive spring clean purge of my wardrobe and once I had yelled ‘ demons be gone’ three times and rotated my head 360 degrees while spewing bile – my next task was a simple one. I had to fit a monster pile of clothes and shoes in the car ready for a one way trip to the nearest goodwill store. Literally I could barely see anything other than clothes in the rear view mirror. It was insane. I have realized that I am like the builder who lives in the half finished house! I need to take my own advice and edit my wardrobe more often. It is one thing to advise and assist clients to do this – it is a whole new kettle of fashion when it is your own wardrobe you are working on. While the process is tedious and time consuming it is not without its own rewards. On the way to the goodwill store I was blessed to spot this little gem of marketing genius:


Needless to say I did not get a haircut there today.

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