Billy Idol the ultimate 80’s legend. 

Dancing alone in my room to Hot in the City is an enduring teenage memory of mine. I wanted to be one of the backup singers/dancers in Billy Idol’s  music video. Sassy, sultry and stylish they had simple synchronized dance moves that they executed with perfection. I must have watched that video hundreds of times. Billy rides a motorcycle, wears a lot of leather, studs  and chains. He prances around pouting with his top off. What’s not to love? 

Of course Hot in the City was one song that Billy Idol did not perform in Wellington last night so I did not get the chance to impress the crowd (embarrass myself) with my impression of his back up singers/dancers. and really I’m more relieved than disappointed. 

The rockers in the audience  had a few more greys in their hair than they did when they first listened to Billy idol (probably on their record players) however they had lost none of their passion for partying. 

Cheap Trick performed ahead of Billy. They called themselves ‘the greatest rock band in the world’ and insulted my eardrums further with their lack of ability to adjust their sound levels to match the venue. Much of their music was little more than muffled noise and I was worried that this was a sign of things to come. It wasn’t. I used their stage time as a toilet break and a chance to catch up with friends. 

When Billy took to the stage the crowd went wild! That trademark platinum hair and rock star stance were live on stage in front of us! He brought his Hot in the City persona to life with leather, studs, chains and no shirt for most of the night. 

Idol performed most of his classics (bar Hot in the city) and now everytime I hear Flesh for Fantasy I will remember him taking his top off to reveal rock hard abs! (For which we can all thank his commitment to Pilates and TRX).

His voice was powerful, his presence kickass and his abs rock hard. He seemed to be at his peak perhaps because, as he says, he’s “clean and mostly sober.” At 59 with his rock star energy and toned physique he is nothing short of an inspiration.

Thank you for being hot in my city Billy Idol! 



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