Style Workshop.

Tonight I presented a Summer Style Workshop to an enthusiastic and excited room of professional people.

I had a rack of colorful, textural, patterned garments chosen for their boldness. My job is to introduce the trends as they are and I aim to demonstrate them in pieces of clothing that are wearable and yet not the norm.

Fashion needs to advance, we can’t do that by staying the same. It’s called ‘fashion forward’ not ‘fashion mundane’ lol!
I need to select items that challenge people to stretch, to evolve. To take risks. Fashion is risk.

Good news for me that the people I presented tonight were professional, poised and powerful. I can tell that in the coming week and beyond they are going to be ‘leaning in’ and taking risks in their wardrobes.

Thanks to Decjuba, Portmans and Identity who trust me with their precious pieces of clothing fabulousness and thanks to the beautiful women who came along and played dress-up with me.






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