Perfect timing.

I must have been gardening pretty hard out today because I broke my old faithful trowel.

The handle snapped clean off.


That was the end of my time in the garden for the foreseeable future.
I came inside and husband and I had dinner and then we exchanged gifts for our anniversary. He handed me my present and I was pretty sure from the shape of it that it was a piece of clothing. (Ok more like ‘hopeful’)
I unwrapped the silver wrapping and found bubble wrap covering something heavy. I tore into the bubble wrap to find two stunning gardening trowels. Both with solid oak wooden handles and stainless steel heads. Talk about quality and simplicity. They were beautiful!
Then I realized:
Husband had given me a new hand trowel and the transplanting trowel on the very same day that I broke mine. #squee

What a guy!


They look even better with dirt on them:


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