V I P Night.

I know we all believe that VIP stands for very important person but in my show it stands for: Vitally Interactive & Participatory because I need you all to play.
You are wayyyyyy more important to the success of a show than I am.
I need your energy, your enthusiasm, your open minds and your feedback. Then I can bounce the show around and give you what you want.

This is what sets the VIP night apart from the others… You.
We talk, we have a conversation about fashion, problems, issues, challenges, misconceptions and confusion. We address those things as they come up and we have FUN!

I take the audience on a trip inside a sales assistants brain, we talk about the perils of tiny ‘fitting rooms’ and how to fully assess a new trend. (And not run screaming at the thought of change)

Camille from the Hits was my fab co- star on stage and she was a star to work with. Modelling garments, giving me sass and bringing up some tough questions. She marveled in my $35.00 outfit I wore onstage and shared her experience of being on a Shopping Tour with Moi! We took a few selfies…maybe more than a few… It was brilliant.

I has an absolute blast on stage that night and I’m pretty sure that fashion will never be the same for some audience members ever again.
Well I hope not.




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