Vlog shoot.

Mornings are not my most favourite time of the day. A nine am start is not early, but factor in travel time and my under eye circles are looking deeper and darker than ever.
Not ideal for a video blog shoot.
This is where my favourite concealer comes into its own. I literally don’t leave home without it. It banishes the dark rings and most crucially doesn’t get stuck in fine lines. I love this concealer. I swear by it! Thank you Clinique.

Today – with the expert technical help of Duncan from Creative Stance and the stunning good looks & fab humour of our Kirsty Bunny Talent models: Jo and Aleisha we shot the two current Westfield style trends: White out and Tribal.

Check out the looks I crafted for white out:



Then we shot the Tribal trend. A mix of Aztec, boho and a touch of the exotic!





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