La La Land.

It is warm. That is the first and right now the ‘most’ exciting thing. After leaving Wellington (from 5 degrees to a high of 11) walking out of the airport terminal to see clear brilliant blue skies and to the feel the warmth of the air and the breeze, that is as much of a welcome as I could ever need.
I immediately want to move here.

We stay at a hip apartment in Downtown LA. A cute neighbourhood with cafés and bars. The locals dress like they are Snoop Doggy dog or in one of his videos or they dress tres casual while they walk their dogs.
I see leggings worn as pants before I have even set foot in the neighbourhood.
Big dogs seem to be the dog on trend in this town. We saw Irish wolfhounds, Weimeranas, German shepherds, Doberman & Rottweilers. So many large breeds, so much dog wee and poop. The heat must enhance the odours. It was an assault to the nostrils each time we got out of the car.

Vintage stores are on our block along with a juice joint. It’s heaven.

Our apartment is fantastic! Clean & tidy with a balcony and fantastic little edgy design touches all throughout. More on that later.
Meanwhile enjoy the views:






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