Birthday Festival kicks off.

Today my girlfriend and I were meeting for lunch. We were headed to one of Wellingtons many reputed cafés. A favourite haunt of mine was our intended. My girlfriend rang me in the morning and said: “i’m picking you up in my car for lunch and whisking you away on a picnic for the start of Birthday Festival.”
Wow! Much more thrilling than a cafe. (My birthday is in December. But it is a round number birthday so it is kind-of a big deal so the festival needs to start early).

It was one of those ‘Wellington-on-a-good-day’ days. Blue sky. Zero wind. Rare and deserving of appreciation.
We drive to Oriental Parade. Sat in the sun and are and laughed. She lent me her new Kathmandu puffer jacket that looks like a sleeping bag with style (I had forgotten my coat) (I know I know – what was I thinking?!) and we sat on a picnic blanket sipping lemonade and nibbling sandwiches.
The perfect winters day picnic.







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