Handmade 2014


It is only three short weeks away until Wellingtonians and visitors get the chance to play, learn, listen, create and be inspired by a weekend of exciting events: Handmade.

This is my second year of being involved with this incredible event and I had such a blast presenting last year that I am even more excited about taking part this year with my Masterclass: Up-cycling 101.

What better way get a taste of what my Up-cycle 101 class is about than to hear from some people who were there last year. I received these emails from a members of the audience after last years show and they just made my heart sing!

Hi Sally-Ann Just wanted to tell you “thank-you” for the great Masterclass talk you gave at Handmade last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. You were very entertaining and made me reassess some things. In particular – having fun and not caring about what others might think, and lastly – “Perfection is getting something done.” Much better way to view perfection! So thank you very much for a great two hours. And if I’m ever looking for someone to go through my wardrobe or take me shopping (your Vintage shopping trip sounds intriguing), you’ll be the one I contact. Many thanks, Marilyn”

“Dear Sally-Ann, I am a Scot, and although proud of this; was often ‘worried’ about the clothes I wore whilst living in New Zealand, whilst living here for a few years about 10 yrs ago. ( not helped by my beloved late mother in law when perusing my trench coat ‘ We don’t wear that sort of thing in New Zealand dear’……! Returning to NZ with my husband again, I was delighted to be able to attend your seminar at Te Papa today. Firstly, I thank you for all the energy and excitement that you incited in me today; not to mention admiration at how you managed to deliver a 2 hour session without apparent notes. That is not easy! Your session made me aware that despite a low self esteem, I can maybe just agree to accept my own ‘style’ ( conservative, with attempts at style!” which has been virtually the same for 30 yrs. Having said this, I DO keep an eye on what is in fashion, and ‘take’ things into my wardrobe, if I feel I can do so. I try not to be ‘open’ to new aspects, and it was encouraging to see from your session that actually some of the things I do are fine. To be honest, a lot of Brits have not often been very complimentary about NZ fashion. To me, from my previous time here, there has been a huge gap between ‘bottom end’ fashion, and ‘high end’ fashion; which is super. The gap in-between I would say previously was often very wide. It is good to see though that this seems to now have been filled, with the advent of the new shopping centres ( much needed in my humble opinion!) such as the Westfield. I have often thought that NZ is SO far ahead in so many ways, but it has taken a while on the ‘general public’ shoppers field. Hope that doesn’t sound too rude! Meanwhile, I would like you to know that you have encouraged me not to worry about what people think about my own style…. Thanking you again, Susan”


Thank you both for your lovely words of encouragement.

I look forward to inspiring a whole new class of Handmade enthusiasts.

See you all soon,


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