International Day of Happiness.

March 20 is officially the international day of happiness.
The United Nations recognises that “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal.”
The UN has aspirations of working towards ending conflict, poverty and other unfortunate conditions that human beings find themselves in – however we can do so much to contribute to our own happiness in simple and effective ways.

Last night I spoke to the Wellington Young Professionals about fashion, style and colour. “Banishing Black” was the subject and one of my key points was the effect that colour has on our mood. If we all agree the colour effects our emotional state then why is the country with the hugest teen suicide rate obsessed with wearing black all day and everyday. It is not known as the colour of mourning for no reason. Hello? Anyone?

At last nights talk I spoke about the best part of my job: all the hugs I receive after working with clients. I mentioned how different the world would be if more people hugged. Imagine if our world leaders greeted each other with hugs? How great would that be? To me an embrace signifies equality, acceptance, affection and unity. A great way to begin or to end a dialogue with a fellow human being.

Moving on to more immediate and personal forms of happiness I recently ask my Facebook friends to list their favourite go-to HAPPY songs. Songs that elevate your mood, songs that make your heart sing, your toes tap and your body want to move. The response was phenomenal and I am now the proud owner of a very awesome HAPPY playlist. It beings with Pharrell’s new song ‘Happy’ and ends with the six minute long Prince classic ‘it’s gonna be a beautiful night’ – I love that song!

That same day Cleo magazine contacted me to ask for fashion and style tips for their upcoming Happiness feature. Talk about serendipity. I was amped from listening to all of my happy songs so witting the tips was pure joy.

My good friend Eric had a note in his home that read: “look only where you want to go.” I think that applies perfectly to happiness. If you want to generate or create more happiness in your life then make a list of things that you can do that make you happy.
I first made such a list about 15 years ago – and when I was feeling blue I would grab my list and start doing the things on the list. It worked. I would take the action, however small, then I would magically begin to feel better.
Over the year the list has evolved and expanded. I have added some new things to the list and removed some things that no longer work for me. Today I will share some things I did this morning to enhance my happiness quota:

I used my favourite perfume du jour abundantly:


I wore my happy-inducing plaid pants that make me and others smile. I have received about five compliments already this morning.


Then I went to my early morning meditation meeting to make sure I was all zen to start my day. ( which is probably why I laughed when I got a $65 parking ticket) lol

That my friends is how I started International Day of Happiness. I’m not sure how my actions will go towards ending conflict & poverty but I feel energized, uplifted and serene in my little corner of the planet.
How are you recognizing #happinessday today? Are you doing something significant or something small?

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