Clinique presentation.

Today was a great day.
I started the day with some pampering rituals ahead of my ‘travel wardrobe tips’ presentation at the launch of Bonus Time for Clinique in Westfield Queensgate.
I knew that Clinique would be doing my make up ahead of the show so I wanted be sure to put my best face forward. In order to do that I got a good nights sleep, did my favourite face scrub, a rehydrating face mask and spent time painting my nails ‘Clinique green’. (You can take the girl out of a marketing role, but you can’t take the marketing out of the girl!)
I had chosen a fantastic Andrea Moore dress to present in – it was in shades of romantic pastel colours inspired by the colours of the Clinique skin care range itself. I reviewed my notes and had all of my props ready to go in advance so that I was relaxed and ready ahead of the show. At the last minute I did manage to raise my heart rate a little when I spied the perfect necklace to complete my outfit. It was such a good match it was surely a good omen and I had to have it!

If giveaways, canapés, a goodie bag, a $500 cash prize and French champagne wasn’t enough to lure people out on a school night, the chance to pick up some expert travel tips from a stylist provided the perfect enticement.

I opened the evening by asking if anyone in the room knew what the plastic container that was holding was? Thankfully a woman in the room was familiar with motorcycles as she correctly identified my side case. I then shared that I travelled for 2 weeks with only that case as my luggage. The audience were impressed. As I unpacked I shared my five top tips for travel packing starting with my most important tip: take the lightest luggage you can afford & use & carry portable luggage scales. This takes the guesswork out of your weight restrictions and if you take them with you as you travel you won’t ever be one of those stressed out poor souls unpacking & unloading their luggage on strangers at the airport.

My other travel packing tips went down a treat and a couple got a few well deserving laughs. They may be amusing, but they work. Of course to hear all of the tips you really had to be there. (I can’t give all my secrets away on my blog) I will share that out of the Bon Voyage gift bag I am now a huge addict of Moisture Surge extended thirst relief. Perfect tonic for air travel dryness as is the nifty travel sized Moisture Surge face spray ‘Thirsty skin relief’. It is my new favourite thing to combat dry skin and for an afternoon refresh!

By the end of the evening I had almost lost my voice, everyone learnt some new travel tricks, a lucky punter was $500 richer for going and everyone took home not only their bonus gift but also a sneaky sample of the new Clinique fragrance which is due for release in May called Calyx.
Talk about lucky.
Calyx is energizing, audacious and sure to become a cult classic in no time. It has citrus top notes, a floral heart and a sensual green base so is sure to have broad appeal to all ages and tastes.

Thanks to everyone who came along, it was a fabulous night! Thanks to all who shared a travel tip with me. I look forward to hearing about your wonderful stress free packing experiences!





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