Bon Voyage!

After traveling around the South Island for two weeks with only a motorcycle side case for my luggage I’ve been compiling my travel packing tips.

One time saving tip that I love and that I live by is to have your toilet bag pre-packed and ready to go.
This means not only do I save time ahead of overnight travel, but it also means that if I ever have to leave the house in a hurry, I can simply grab that toilet bag and go!

Inside my toilet bag I have a basic skin care, basic toiletries, and basic make-up supply along with other key travel items like earplanes (plugs that regulate my ear air pressure) make-up wipes, insect repellant, sun screen, a first aid kit and the all important ear plugs that if I was packing in a hurry I would forget.

Clinique have a nifty bonus offer launching next week with a stunning travel cosmetics case with perfect travel sized skin care & make up.
I dehydrate terribly on flight and am always looking for the perfect hydration spritz or lotion to stop me from looking like a raisin at my destination. I am taking the Bon Voyage kit for a test flight today & tomorrow ahead of my ‘travel tips’ talk at the VIP night at Clinique Westfield. I can’t wait to see how they perform.
I shall report back in due course.




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