You are what you wear.

I know firsthand that the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is 100% true. This is why I have been juicing of late. I feel healthier and happier for it. If I eat rubbish, I feel rubbish. So if I eat well, I feel well. After a 20 year + career in and around the fashion industry, I am a firm believer that ‘You are what you wear’.

I am not trying to say that if I put on a fireman’s uniform, that I am a fireman. (But I might stand a little taller coz I’ll feel blokey and tough… plus I will try and rescue a kitty from  being stuck in a tree). What I am alluding to is that fact that when I dress nice, I feel nice. It really is that simple.

When I dress myself in quality fabrics, I feel happy. If I stay in my pj’s beyond 11am…then I begin to feel lousy. For starters: too much flannelette is not a good thing plus I feel sleepy because to me, that fabric is for sleeping in. What I have realised is true for me is that what I wear influences how I feel. Not only this – it also influences how other people perceive me. (there is power in lipstick and high heels). Don’t underestimate the power behind a sharp and well put together outfit. It all adds up.

People talk about drugs and alcohol being mood enhancers, well I believe that clothing is the ultimate mood enhancer. Which is why I find this photographic study mentioned in the Daily Mail so fantastically fascinating. Check it out here:

You are what you wear.

You are what you wear.

“Who is who? Qozop believes that, other than wrinkles, fashion is one of the best ways to tell how old a person is – does this photo of a Chinese grandson and grandfather prove his theory?” ~ Daily Mail.

How hip does this Grandad look? I am sure he is light years outside his comfort zone but he looks fantastic. Grandad is now a cool hipster, and cool hipster is now a few decades older than the previous photo and wondering when he can have a nap. (in fact I think that Granddad wears this plaid and check outfit better than his grandson. Maybe it is the hat? Whatever it is he has style.)

Often in my shows and especially with my Style Secrets groups I am asked about age limits and fashion. People comment that they are “too old” to wear the latest trends. I point out that there is no bouncer waiting outside the store asking to check their ID. That attitude is all in their mind.  These photos really do prove that clothes have no expiry date.

If you wear them well, wear them with confidence and joy you will look sensational at every age.

Do you agree?



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