Valentines Day

Woke up to smooches from my tiny wee girl cat this morning. She was the runt of the litter so is like a cat but smaller. Plus she is only one year old. Awww so cute. May she be a kitten forever. Anyway I thought Valentines day had peaked right there and then she was so adorable.
Yesterday a girlfriend shared her home-made choc-chip heart shaped cookies with my Husband and I. These cookies are the baking-sonifcation of love. (Like personification but in baking) lol – Each year for Valentines Day she bakes them for her family as a token of her love. It is a gesture that everyone enjoys – especially the tastebuds. They like it a lot.

In super stealth mode, dressed as a ninja – somehow I managed to
Sneak a surprise Valentines day card into husbands bag when he was not looking and felt awesomely proud, excited and tricky all at the same time.
Good feelings. I had a small dose of smugness because about a week ago I had ordered him his most favourite flower to be delivered to his work on Valentines day. It really was shaping up to be an awesome Valentines day!
Husband surprised me with a massive bunch of delicate & unusual wild flowers from one of my favourite Wellington Florists: Flowers Manuela. He called to thank me for his flowers and I remarked how hilarious it was that we wrote the same quote in each other’s card!
Years ago we saw a Lenny Henry stand up show at the St James in Welly. The show was brilliant: intelligent, witty, hilarious, and twisted with surprises… There was a quote that night from a particularly funny part of the show that we both enjoyed and we had both written that quite in the card. Too adorable.

I recalled how in my single days my girlfriends and I used to send each other cards to remind us of how much love we have on our lives, it may not have been romantic love – but it was no less important and absolutely worthy of acknowledgment too.

Now I am at home – my girlfriend in Oz has sent me the perfect Valentines a Day card and I am feeling very loved and very grateful.

As nice as it was to receive ‘stuff’ today the most fun part for me was the time I spent thinking about others and planning something thoughtful for them.

I hope everyone enjoys giving thanks today, thanks for the love in their life – in whatever form it arrives in: a furry friend, a rainbow, a text, a card, chocolates, a hug, a bunch of flowers, dinner out, home made cookies or a phone call.

“I love you-Bye”





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