The Grammys 2014.

No one even mentioned Lord of the Rings yet at the Grammys 2014 the whole world was watching and they had all heard of New Zealand. There was a new Lorde on everyone’s lips.

Lorde is defining a generation and at the same time defying a generation. She had her own look, she wears adult clothes, sophisticated in their simplicity. She is reminiscent of singers from my younger days who weren’t selling sex or themselves, they were making music and selling records with the talent of their voice not their bodies. (I am thinking of Alison Moyet and Chris De Burgh – people who have stunning voices who didn’t need to twerk or have a wardrobe malfunction to be noticed).

Lorde is taking the world by storm absolutely on her terms.

Any who – it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, Lorde won two Grammys. The red carpet outfits were a scream and I took the long road home to enjoy the sunshine and to get my homage to Lorde (and her elite M.A.C pro make up team) more of an outing.






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