Jesus Birthday.

Christmas Day arrived earlier this year…I swear it did! We woke up in Wanaka had a huge buffet breakfast then went for a walk lakeside.
We discovered a stand of kanuka that is indigenous to the area plus an area of new plantings of natives that were all set up with a bin of water, buckets and signs asking passers by to water them. So that’s what we did.
It rained a little on the walk not enough to be too much bother and I enjoyed bird watching – spotting the grey warblers, chaffinches, gold finches and silver eyes. They were having a blast. It was the perfect day.
We skyped family & friends after lunch (no dishes!) we drank our new favourite local bottle of red wine then took advantage of the spa.
I braved the steam room. It was good. Really good.
If course it’s not Christmas if you don’t open Christmas crackers, wear a ridiculous paper hat, play with a pointless plastic toy and tell a terrible joke. This Christmas totally rocked.
Hope wherever you are yours did too!






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