The Style Lounge

Today in the Style Lounge I spent some time talking clients through how to use tone when creating an outfit. 

We all know about matching, color blocking and emphasizing, but few of us consider tone when dressing or shopping. 

White on white on white is a great place to start.  
Using texture to add depth and interest. 
These white and cream tone on tone examples in the latest FQ have been super helpful: 

I describe ‘tone’ as the sorbet-like palate cleanser of the fashion world. 

It keeps things simple.

My favorite kind of styling: Simple styling. 

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Very Important People. 

Last night the VIP Style Workshop audience erupted with spontaneous applause so many times it almost wasn’t spontaneous any more.

Luke Bettesworth (as seen on TV) shared the stage with me and as we suspected we set the stage on fire with our unique and complimentary fashion and hilarity combined.

Luke’s laugh is infectious and it didn’t take long for the whole crowd to get the giggles along with he and I. 

Luke presented the shine trend, I workshopped boho and at the end of the show two audience members had a style-off winning a $50 Westfield gift card each. 

You can see the laugh for real in this backstage selfie!
Thanks to the beautiful models, Westfield Queensgate, the fab audience and all who work behind the scenes to make these shows a massive success. 

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Style Workshop

It’s style workshop time again where I take the trends, break them down and show the audience step by step how to create a self-styled look live onstage. 

It’s a brilliant night. The retailers and the audience love it! And I love sharing my styling tips and tricks with the crowd. 

Post show selfie with models. 

Post show selfie with crowd. 

All styled on stage. 

Print on print using animal and check. 

Red hot! 

  Jazz hands!  
Here I demonstrate to Guy from The Hits my leg hypnotism technique. 

Thanks to Andrew from Rodney Wayne for my Nothin’ hair, Gabby at Bobbi Brown for my beauty Simplifed and Portmans for my drop dead fabulous dress! 

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Prince. A piano and a microphone. 

You know a concert is good when tears spontaneously roll down your cheeks during the first song.

Prince Rogers Nelson bought me to tears with his first song of his first EVER concert in Auckland. An intimate gathering of 2200 people in the Aotea Centre. 

Playing a seemingly never ending medley, hit after hit seamlessly morphed into hit as Prince pounded the keys if the grand piano into submission. 

He danced and played, he growled and played, he crooned. And the crowed loved every second of it.

During Cream Prince gave us the advice to sing the lyrics into the mirror: 

“Ur so good,baby there ain’t nobody better. Ur so cool, everything you do is success” 

He said we need to look in the mirror when we feel low and say them to ourselves. I love this idea! Prince, the lyricist is giving us permission to empower ourselves with his lyrics!count me in. 

It was halfway through the concert that I noticed his fantastic shoes with light up soles. Where can I get some!? 

Coming back for encore after encore with hits like Raspberry Beret and Starfish and Coffee.

I’m a huge fan and just having him perform I little ol’ New Zealand was a major thrill. Getting tickets was the icing on the cake and being there was something I’ll never forget. 

Thank you Prince. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. 


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Rain. Drip drip drip. 

Spring rain is relentless. 

Today the rain started and who knows when it will stop. There is no wind and because of this a misty fog lies blanketed over my view.

The rain give me an excuse to celebrate the arrival of my new grown-up adult rain coat of fabulousness. 

It makes me feel grown up. I haven’t owned a rain coat in years!!! 

I blame rural living and that outdoor concert where it rained and I had to wear husbands black rain coat that completely cramped my style.

Now I can have my style rain or shine. 

Oh happy rain!

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Peace and Love 

I saw this street art and thought of you.

Peace and love everybody x 

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The Style Lounge.

The spring/summer Style Lounge was humming today with eager fashionistas keen to get up close and personal with the latest looks.

Luke Bettesworth and I made the most of our day together today snapping the obligatory selfie as we left the lounge.

The lounge is open until Sunday and spaces are filling up fast. I’m off on holiday tomorrow for my #VirtualVacay but Luke will be there so get online to Westfield Queensgate and book yourself a space with him or Linaire who joins him tomorrow.

I feel the need to confess that Luke and I both bought ourselves a few ‘must-haves’ today… As well as styling our most difficult clients ever… Ourselves.


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A RNZB Mid Summer Night’s Dream. 

Who knew dark dreams could be so spectacularly beautiful?

 Choreographer wunderkind Liam Scarlett must have known. Young in choreographer years at  29, Skarlett already has an illustrious career. He has been nominated for an Olivier Award for his work and already has many other accolades to his name. He’s the hot new star on the rise in the ballet world. Scarlett started dancing at age 4. I recall at that age I was thoroughly committed to making mud pies, sadly though I was not able to turn a childhood pastime into a career. Scarlett did and danced ballet successfully for many years -until age 26 where instead of being the paint on the brush, he became the artist. Now what we see on the stage at one of his ballets are the pure bold and fresh art strokes of Skarlett. 

I saw the Sunday night (B cast) of Mid Summer Night’s Dream and immersed myself starry-eyed in the dreamscape that sees mischievous fairies cause trouble & heartache in the lives of some unfortunate humans with hilarious results. 

Lucy Green was spectacular in her role as Titania Queen of the Fairies. Her dress sparkled and shone like the stars, standing out so well against the dark background she was luminous! In some dramatic balletic leaps and turns she seemed like a comet leaping fleetingly across an endless night sky. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, but why would you want to? She dances in a deeply emotive and passionate way you wouldn’t want to miss a minute of it. 

Designed by Tracy Grant Lord the set was dark and otherworldly – lit by thousands of led lights & fibre optics.  The audience don’t need to suspend disbelief because this world is totally believable. It’s in front of our eyes. The creatures within crept in and out of the shadows and the magical garden with its flowers and pods created a sense of intimacy while still allowing the dancers the space thru need to make magic. 

The fairies were delightful and reminiscent of Theirry Mugler haute couture of the early 1990’s all wasp waists and exaggerated bodices. They were fantastical! 

Apart from a couple of moments where as a choreographer I felt that  Skarlett chose to go for the easy, cheap (and crude) laugh, his modern choreography soars and sweeps with beautiful traditional lines interspersed with fluid floating partnering that left me wanting to see more. 

Bravo to all involved in creating this stunning vision of beauty, art, dance and entertainment. 

The show tours next to Christchurch, then Auckland, Rotorua, Palmerston North and closes the season in Napier on 20 Sept.





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Life’s a beach. 

I had a personal styling client first thing this morning, so Saturday afternoon was the start of my weekend!

After two weeks of full-on fashion festival events it was time to look after myself with a relaxing stroll on the beach to recharge and relax.

The oystercatchers were both entertaining with their antics and treś chic in monochrome black and white feathers. (So en pointe for spring/summer 2015.)


My Mimco kicks proved that animal print really is the perfect camouflage. 

So nice to just be.  Have a happy weekend. 

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VIP style session.

Friday night saw  Westfield VIPs in the audience enjoying a make up demo from Bobbi Brown make up artist Terri, and a run through plus Q&A of the spring/summer trends with Moi.  

What a great way to stay en pointe. Bubbles, a goody bag, and the latest trends come to life in front of your eyes. 

Such fun! 


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